HSP D3 FlatPack Update

The MultiCam FLATPACKS from Haley Strategic Partners now come with an additional set of side straps for added stability when attached to the D3CR Chest Rig. Other colors will be updated soon as well.




Designed with a unique expandable gusset system, the D3 FlatPack is an assault pack that can go from an almost flat profile when compressed to 600 cubic inches when completely expanded.

In its compressed state, the D3 FlatPack can run a 1 liter hydration bladder in the main compartment with additional small items like batteries, energy gels and chem lights stored in the dedicated admin chamber. Expanded, the main compartment can fit a fully loaded D3CR™, a helmet or a jacket while the admin can fit electronics and/or small binoculars…

Grab yours here >>> www.haleystrategic.com/flatpack


Here´s an interview from Spartan117GW with Travis Haley about the D3 FLATPACK.


And if you wanna learn more about Travis Haley, we suggest you to watch this: american-gunfighter-episode-5-travis-haley


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