Gunfire have just received new delivery of Umarex products.

Among over 130 products you can find a lot of different replicas and magazines as well as BBs and gas from Heckler & Koch line.

One of the most interesting novelties is the mighty G28 Gas Blow Back carbine replica!

This unusual model created a stir when it came out in an electric version, and now it is available in a limited GBB version.

The HK G28, used by sharpshooters in the German army, is reproduced here down to the finest detail in excellent VFC quality. The full-metal rifle with a pronounced blowback effect weighs more than four kilograms and comes with a mount for a telescopic sight (30 or 34 mm), a mount for a red-dot sight, a bipod and a handgrip. Even the serial number range and licensed HK markings are authentic. Available only in a semi-automatic version, muzzle energy 1.6 joules.

all Umarex replicas were made on full license of real firearms manufacturers: Walther, Heckler & Koch and Beretta.

You can check the whole delivery here:

Gunfire is the biggest one shop in Poland, which offers AirSoft products from all levels – from Chinese replicas to those, which are produced by worldwide brands. Experience – that’s what gives us the upper hand.

We’ve dealt with airsoft for as long as we remember. Not a single person in our team came here by coincidence. Almost each of us is an active player, regularly participating in airsoft events in our region (and not only). So every last one of us knows the hardware we’re selling well – thus can advise, assist and help out in nearly any case.

Despite such extensive knowledge and experience, we never stop our development. We are constantly expanding our offer, raising our standard and improving the quality of our customer

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