Our friends from Gunfire.pl sent in news about a new delivery of products they just received from several brands.

Modify – http://bit.ly/2bwX4ej
We are pleased to announce that Gunfire became the exclusive distributor of Modify Airsoft Guns and Upgrade Parts products in Poland! Our offer includes a variety of excellent parts and high quality replicas. You can find the full list here.
Gunfire Modify

Lonex – http://bit.ly/2bOntBI
We have just received new delivery straight from Taiwan – Lonex is here! The brand is very popular among airsoft technicians thanks to top quality parts. This time we’ve received some interesting novelties like excellent carbine replicas with Electric Blow Back system, hop-up chamber and wide selection of cylinder sets for different kinds of replicas.
Gunfire LonexTAG Wear – http://bit.ly/2c76GrK
Привет! We have just received a new delivery of tactical equipment and apparel from the East: Russian TAG Wear / Modox!

Products from this brand are used by Russian Federation soldiers and in the last delivery you can find few interesting novelties: tactical vests and bandanas in SS Lieto and Silver Leaf camo.

Gunfire Tag Wear

Baofeng – http://bit.ly/2bNVRtO
Good communication in your team is a basic thing, and radio is always a good idea. Check out products from popular Baofeng brand.
Gunfire Baofeng

Amoeba – http://bit.ly/2c77m0m
Fans of Amoeba Airsoft will surely be pleased to see the newest delivery of this brand where they can find best-selling AM-013 “Honey Badger” replica in black and dark earth version. All Amoeba replicas are equipped with EFCS module (Electronic Firing Module System).
Gunfire Amoeba

Lansky – http://bit.ly/2c4JsCp
Thanks to excellent knife sharpeners from American brand Lansky® you will be able to keep your blades sharp! New delivery contains interesting novelties like LPUCK or folding diamond sharpener FP-1000.
Gunfire Lansky

SOG – http://bit.ly/2c4K7DL
Something special for fans of high quality blades – new delivery of renowned SOG Specialty Knives, Inc! Among them you can find interesting folding knives and models from famous SEAL Pup line.
Gunfire SOG

Nowak Manufacture – http://bit.ly/2bNWp2C
Survival bracelet can be a distinctive sign of military & outdoor enthusiasts. We have just added something completely new to our offer – excellent, hand-made Polish bracelets from Nowak Manufacture! It is made of long and durable paracord and it has interesting add-ons like whistle or compass

Gunfire Nowak

New model of Armored Claw Gloves – http://bit.ly/2bymmau
Check out new product from Armored Claw – very popular Shield model in Cut version, perfect for hot weather. The most distinctive part is the stiff protector made of original Kevlar®.
Gunfire Armored Claw

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