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Our friends from Gunfire sent in some news about their annual event GF Point with the trailer video for the the GF Point 2015 edition.

GFPOINT is an airsoft orienteering event well-known in Poland and getting more and more popular among our neighbors. In times of common airsoft rallies Gunfire created something far from usual – new kind of event that managed to stand the test of time and gain unparalleled popularity in the airsoft community. Each year the starter packs are sold out in a blink of an eye and the event itself is considered to be a cult one by many. Despite the hard, sport competition the atmosphere resembles popular airsoft rallies.
This will be the 6th edition of GPOINT.

GF Point2015

There have been much changes to the event formula thanks to cooperation with Selenge company. We can see it evolving each year – more attractions, more entertainment, more emotions. How about GFPOINT 2015? We’ll find out in January. As usual organizers promise a lot of fun and surprises. And as usual we know that we can really count on that. More information about GFPOINT 2015 can be found in our articles from November as well as in the links below.

GF Point2015-3

GFPOINT 2015 will take place in less than one month. In the meantime we encourage to watch the teaser!


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