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New E&L Airsoft AKs Version 2.0 available!

The guys at Gunfire let us know about a new delivery they got in from E&L Airsoft. As you may know, Gunfire is the official distributor for Poland, the shop is always one step ahead some others when it comes to an update from E&L.


E&L Airsoft Version 2.0



Models form 2.0 series have greater muzzle velocity depending on a model. What’s important, E&L improved the quality of hop-up chambers. Both new chambers and gearbox frames were painted in matt black colour.

New models are available in an elegant and practical box lined with hard foam. Such a solution will protect and stabilize the replica during transport.

Each model has an oiler in the set and models with a full stock have been equipped with a cleaning kit, exactly the same as the one dedicated to firearms.


NEW 2.0 models are:

E&L Airsoft Version 2.0


You get all details about each product over here:


Only today!!

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