Introducing | The Danger Zone DMR Rifle by the Gunfire Custom Division.

GF Custom Division is an idea born in the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest quality replicas, modified and configured by us, using only the best, tested parts and accessories. No replica element was accidentally used in the set – it is exactly the configuration we would like to use out of the box.

In Airsoft Custom Design we have many years of experience, so we can confidently say that GF Custom Division is a 100% player-designed gun.

The Danger Zone DMR Rifle is a solid replica of the DMR rifle with the heart of an indestructible CNC Retro Arms gearbox, including parts from Prometheus, Airsoft Systems, PTS, Tornado and SHS. Check the awesome painting and high-end Vortex scope!

Package Includes:

  • Battery and charger from ElectroRiver
  • Nuprol transport box
  • additional magazine
  • MS3 tactical sling

For more information on the Danger Zone DMR Rifle click HERE!