Introducing | Griffin Armaments’ Revolution Silencer Series

They bring new to market features and versatility in the pistol silencer class. The Mod 3 Revolution Series silencers are now rated for 7.62×39, 300 BLK supersonic, and 5.56mm for hunting applications.


We saw the market trending In our direction on our modular silencer concept and we thought it was time to kick it up a notch and get back on top of the dog pile. So we decided to re-engineer the product and improve it with a lot of versatility and some high pressure caliber application.” -Austin, Lead engineer and primary owner of Griffin stated. He continued, “With the HPA losing steam, and silencers continuing to have a tax stamp associated, we wanted to give the customers more usability in the product. Ultimately it would be great if the HPA were to pass in some form, but it doesn’t like it will anytime soon. I think consumers are going to be putting their money into versatile products and we are happy to provide those for them.

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