The guys at Grey Ghost Gear send over some news about their product line. Check out the informations they have for you below.


Grey Ghost Gear


A word from the Ghost

The Ghost advises – there’s a whole lotta Kryptek coming down. As always, the Ghost is attentive to your wants and needs. Grey Ghost Gear is now carrying damn near an entire loadout of gear in Kryptek patterns – the minimalist plate carrier, for instance (Kryptek Highlander and Kryptek Mandrake) and the Stealth Operator Pack (available in Kryptek Highlander, Typhon, Mandrake and Yeti). We’ve even got mag pouches and sunglasses in Kryptek.


Grey Ghost Gear Kryptek Products


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About GGG

Grey Ghost Gear is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran owned manufacturer of Tactical Equipment for the individual operator. We remain relevant to the customer by being in constant contact with military front line users and first responders. Their feedback is the most important aspect in price point, gear design, and manufacturing. 

Grey Ghost Gear is a flexible and agile team that can rapidly design to meet our customer’s requests. Read more: