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Need a little more stability in your life? Then grab a Squeeze Bag

The GGG Shooters Squeeze Bag (or you can call em’ fun bags if you want) is perfect for you. Firm shooting platform with give when you need it? Absolutely. The squeeze bags can accommodate small changes in elevation and windage needed to hit the target at range from the prone or seated position.

Rifleman's Squeeze Bag

They feature a unique hourglass shape, so you have surface and curves where you need it, and it’s slimmer where you don’t.

Rifleman's Squeeze Bag

But what about stuffing? If you like your bags au naturel, you can pack them with your preferred medium (popcorn kernels, beans, rice–whatever). If you want to keep them steady and firm but lightweight, we have our own plastic fill available that doesn’t retain moisture or otherwise go bad.

Rifleman's Squeeze Bag


Every person (and rifle) has their own size preferences, and we have an option for everyone. The Shooter’s Squeeze Bag is available in small, medium, and large, and are available in Coyote and Multicam. Of course, they are tough as nails.

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