Grey Ghost Gear



Are you still going to the range with a cheap gun case? You know the ones we’re talking about… a little bit of padding, a cheap strap, and a couple fixed slots for mags.

Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case

Well, we don’t do that. The Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case is something different. Lined with hook and loop so you can infinitely customize rifle ride positions, add additional patches, pouches, or holsters, the inner body of the Rifle Case is completely modular. Of course, our line of Orange Diamond Concealment pouches can be fully integrated. Rifles up to 38” long can fit without issue and larger rifles can easily be secured if broken down, leaving plenty of space for a spotting scope, NVGs, or a handgun or two. There is a set of generous zippered mesh pouches on the inner lid to secure loose items such as range cards, magazines, notepads, and other shooting accoutrement.

Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case

For additional protection, the size of the Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case makes it a perfect compliment to a 42” hard case such as a Pelican 1720. We finish off with a reinforced carrying handle, substantial zippers, removable carrying strap, and a 8×3” loop panel for nametapes or unit identifiers.

Available in Black, Coyote Brown, or Grey Ghost Grey.

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