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A word from the Ghost | 10% OFF Magazine Bandoliers

From now until October 28th, use the coupon code “BANDO10” for 10% off of your purchase of the 6-mag Bandolier from Grey Ghost Gear.


Grey Ghost Gear Magazine Bandoliers


No one has ever wished for less ammo on the range—let alone a gunfight.

Our Magazine Bandolier is a grab-and-go solution. For simple organization, an accomplice to your QRF rig, and everything else in-between, our bandolier gives you access to the extra ass you need.


Grey Ghost Gear Magazine Bandoliers


A major upgrade from the days of single-action six shooters and ten gallon hats…

Our Bandolier is constructed from milspec webbing and reinforced elastic. The perfect companion to a ‘Go’ rifle or patrol carbine, the Bandolier can be carried, slung, clipped around your waist, or even thrown across your chest like an action hero (though if you go the Rambo route, send us some pictures). When you aren’t slinging lead like Stallone, the compact design of the bandolier allows it to be folded up with the magazines in place for easy storage.


Grey Ghost Gear Magazine Bandoliers


The Bandolier hauls six intermediate caliber magazines or four 7.62N mags, though some of our more enterprising employees have found it carries a six pack of beer equally well.

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