Gideon Tactical establishes a partnership with WM Tactical.

GideonTactical is pleased to announce their recent partnership with weapon-accessory supplier WM Tactical. Located in Montgomeryville, Pa., WM Tactical is the creator of the revolutionary TUOR, a multi-axis, back-up sight with patent-pending rotation action.

WM Tactical TUOR MKII Sights

The TUOR’s creators, shooting enthusiasts Luke Brucker and Chris Ngo, identified a critical flaw in the market that made consumers purchase either traditional, vertical back-up sights or offset sights. Brucker, the lead mechanical engineer for WM Robots – WM Industries’ parent organization – and Ngo, WM Tactical’s product development director and production manager for WM Industries, utilized their unique talents to find a solution: Offer the consumer the option to use the sights both ways, which led to the creation of the TUOR, which resulted in shooters no longer needing to use three sets of back-up sights.

WM Tactical TUOR MKII Sights 3

GideonTactical recognized the tremendous benefits the TUOR offered to their tactical customers and was excited to form the partnership with WM Tactical.

“The TUOR Back-Up Sights are a unique, quality product designed and produced by a local manufacturer,” according to GideonTactical Merchandising Specialist Mac Brostrom. “They can be rotated to the left or right and still maintain their ability to flip up and down while working alone or in conjunction with an optic.”

The TUOR’s unrivaled usefulness gives shooters the option of using a traditional vertical sight in order to engage a close target with magnified optics by easily flipping the sights over. Additionally, shooters are able to discard a damaged optic without being forced to run the rifle canted.

WM Tactical TUOR MKII Sights 2

“We think the TUOR Back-Up Sights will offer solutions to common sighting issues that many of our customers are experiencing,” Brostrom said.

The WM Tactical TUOR Multi-Axis, Back-up Iron Sights are available in two different options: the MK I and the MK II. Each of the options has different sight dimensions, features, specs, and prices. For more information and to order yours, visit

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