Corona has it!

Due to the Corona situation, GHK Airsoft has just announced that the launch of their Glock 17 Gen3 GBB has postponed to a yet not known date! Sad news for those of you that have been looking forward to grab one shortly.

As you/we wait for it to hit the market once we´re back to normal life, here´s the introduction video for your viewing pleasure.

UMAREX(GHK)G17 GEN3 GBB 2020新品介紹影片

【Umarex × GHK 2020新品發表】 ● Glock17 Gen3 GBB Pistol✔️ 鍛造鋼+CNC滑套✔️ 鋼製CNC外管✔️ 下槍身滑套軌道為仿真包射工法✔️ 輕量化彈匣,仿真外觀設計✔️ 專利無擊鎚式火控系統 ✔️ 超大活塞設計、一體式汽缸✔️ 準星、罩門、彈匣底板通用真品規格✔️ 扳機力度近真槍規格註:影片拍攝品為工程樣槍,非商品最終版本———————————————————————————–【Umarex × GHK 2020 New product launch】 ● Glock17 Gen3 GBB Pistol✔️ Forged steel slide with CNC process✔️ Steel barrel with CNC process✔️ Realistic overmolding frame✔️ Lightweight Magazine, same appearance as real one✔️ Patent fire control system without hammer✔️ Maximising nozzle and Integrated cylinder✔️ Sight kits and magazine base pad both compatible with real✔️ Trigger pull is similar to realps. It’s prototype in the film, not final version of the product.#UMAREX#GHK#Glock17#CO2彈匣開發中#感謝威炫影視協力製作影片

Gepostet von GHK airsoft am Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2019

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