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Introducing | The GHK AUG GBBR

Let´s start this week with a new review from Redwolf Airsoft about the brand new GHK airsoft AUG GBBR. Tim takes you all over it and shows you all the great things you have to know about. Enjoy watching!

GHK, the Lexus of the Airsoft GBBR world. They’re luxurious, yet, affordable to most experienced players. Every couple years, they release something spectacular, apart from their PDW, the black sheep of the family. Their latest project should be as reliable as their Gen 2 AKs, the same length as their 14.5 inch M4 except with a much longer inner barrel, as thrilling as their G5 and should kick as hard as their love child with Hephaestus, Project T21. So how will the Airsoft Gas Blow Back version fair? Is it as good as I hope it is, or will it forever stay in the Shadow of the Tokyo Marui AEG version? Find out here!




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