A LUCIE-Style Night Vision Goggle for airsoft use?

We came across this news at our partners page Popular Airsoft and thought we have to share it with our readers as well. Regarding the article published at Popular today, G&G Armament is going to produce a replica of this night vision device which is used in real life from the German Military Ground Forces. You can already find a picture of it in the new 2017 Product Catalog which you can download right here if you want to.

G&G Armament LUCIE


Tucked in page 14 of the product catalogue is the G&G Night Vision Goggles (G-03-195). There is no information at all apart from the product name. We don’t know if you’ll agree with our observation that the model wearing the G&G NVG is a 1/6 model, but it really looks like one that it makes us wonder if their NVG is made for 1/6 models or a full 1:1 scale NVG.


Read the full story at their site >> www.popularairsoft.com/gg-armament-release-lucie-style-night-vision-goggles-airsoft