Join the Nods Squad, buy Night Vision

Before we even start to introduce you the PVS14LTE from ACTinBlack, you need to know one thing:

Night Vision – ain´t cheap! ~ cheap, ain´t good Night Vision!”

If you agree with this point and I tell you that´s the most important point you and your wallet need to feel pleasant with, you´re good to go. The model we introduce you here today, the PVS14LTE is the latest new monocular NVG ACTinBlack has to offer and this one is for sure made for everybody who wants to get engaged with Nods and beyond…


“Our new Light PVS-14 is completely ITAR free. There is no limitation on supply and there is no paperwork! The PVS-14LTE is a non-manual gain version of our popular PVS-14, will the full feature set of the PVS-14 including auto shut off function when helmet mounted and flipped up. The rugged design is combat proven and extremely durable. Its built for combat. A wide range of standard PVS-14 accessories are available, from rail mounts to magnification lenses. This provides the user with an unmatched flexibility. An integrated IR illuminator can be activated to provide a good image even in the darkest of places where no light is available, such as closed buildings and underground structures.”

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