PREVIEW | MOHOC Inc. housing pre-cuts by GEARSKIN

You´re running a MOHOC Inc. camera? You love it? Great, so you maybe wanna hear about this new add-on for it the guys at GEARSKIN current produce for it. It started our of an idea between us here at AMNB and them during the IWA trade show in March. We talked about it and throw ideas in a “imaginary box” in our heades while having a couple of beers and so it happen.

Back home form the show, we just send out our MOHOC camera to get the custom work done in their factory and so they did. Pre-laser cuts for the camera are being made in like no time and the first result is what you can see below.

Why is this littel product helpful for your MOHOC? It provides you an enhanced grip, extra housing protection, it is IRR compliant – what means concealing you more under IR so the camera dosen´t glow like a “Chemlight” and makes you an easy target, tactile markers for low light visibility and better grip while opening the camera lid and – they will offer +25 camo variations.

Does this make sense to you? I guess it does.

Where can I buy it? Not at the moment sorry, but it will hit the market very soon and you get notified here on our site first. If you ask yourself: does it come for the Hardwire Door as well? I woud say yes but a bit later this year.

If you´re interested to see it in use, get your hands on it etc., we will have the prototype version with us next week at Border War in Czech Republic. Just ask us we´re happy to provide information. If you wanna learn more about GEARSKIN and the fabric, visit their web at >>