Check out this review of the Princeton Tec’s Remix Pro Headlamp by KitUp.

“I have been using Princeton Tec’s Remix Pro Headlamp for about six months and it has changed my mind about hands-free task lighting. Princeton Tec introduced the Remix Pro in early 2011 as an improved, tactical alternative to its Remix camping line. Here’s my take on it:

There are a ton of headlamps out there and most work well for close-in work like digging through a pack. I have been perfectly happy with my Petzl Tikka Plus for the past decade … until I picked up the Remix Pro. It has a large LED that projects a focused, 70-lumen beam of white light out to about 70 meters on its brightest setting.

The Remix Pro also has three smaller colored LEDs (mine had red) that light up when you first switch it on. The two settings of red light are bright enough for map checks or rummaging through gear.”