The GBLS DAS is an AEG system like no other. Designed by Airsoft enthusiasts and technical specialists in South Korea. This system has been designed to replicate a more functional representation of a real AR platform (without shell ejection).

Finding the balance between a PTW and a GBBR is quite difficult unless you decide to design a system from the ground up. GBLS have done just that with their new innovative AEG system which has a fully functioning bolt carrier group with a split gearbox style design. The DAS system is designed to be a skirmish worthy AEG with the functions of an AR platform and hence provides the following unique features compared to a PTW:

Recoil Action

With a functioning bolt carrier group, the DAS system creates recoil by pulling it back and cocking the spring inside. The bolt carrier group then falls back into battery with the hop unit as it chambers another round. All of this realistic action creates recoil for the user to feel.

Bolt Lock

Considering what happens with the bolt carrier group, as part of its functionality, it also has the ability to lock itself with the chamber open after the last BB is detected. This simulates what happens with a real AR platform when the last round has just been fired and its casing ejected. Both the bolt catch and charging handle can be used to release the bolt lock on the carrier much like that on a GBBR.

The GBLS DAS GDR-15 is the latest addition to the DAS system which has finally reached production release. This means that the original introductory price has been reduced and the system has been declared to no longer be a prototype or early pre-production model.

GBLS have also partnered with PTS to ensure that their production release uses functional and eye catching furniture on their GDR-15 which includes the Centurion Arms handguard, PTS grip and stock. The furniture ends up providing more for the purchase value of the product itself in comparison to its earlier pre-production version.

The GBLS DAS GDR-15 is a new innovation in the AEG category of the market which is targeted towards users of PTWs who range from Airsoft enthusiasts to professional training for competition shooting and/or real firearm training alternatives to save money and as a counter product for force on force training.

To assist in selling the new production line of DAS GDR-15s, GBLS have started opening distribution across the continent with hubs in Asia, USA and here in Europe with their new GBLS UK branch. If you are interested in the GBLS and/or would like to know more, please let us know in the comments below.