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G-Code launches new series of magazine and fighting equipment carriers called,Scorpion.

G-Code Scorpion

Hand crafted for the evolving mission of Special Operations Forces, G-Code introduces a new versatile and minimalist series of magazine and fighting equipment carriers – G-CODE SCORPION.

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The interior of each Scorpion pouch is lined with G-Code Tactical FUZZ™. This wall creates a friction medium that both retains the magazine and provides a smooth, silent draw when accessing a fresh source. Engineered channels provide armored protection of the binding cord while ensuring the precision placement of the interlace.

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Ambidextrous, completely modular and RTI compatible, every carrier in the Scorpion line integrates with the entire family of INTERFACE G-Code mounting accessories out of the box. The tension/retention of each pouch in the Scorpion line can be dialed in by the end user to fine tune the feel of the draw until it is “just right”.

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G-Code Scorpion pouches can also be “stacked”, enabling user configurable multi-rifle, multi-pistol or rifle/pistol platforms.

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Built for duty in non-permissive real-world environments, Scorpion Line carriers have the flexibility to fit into any role from a low signature reconnaissance mission to a full blown direct-action raid. With the most compact footprint of any similar product an end user can can run their kit maxed out or run with bare essentials on a belt line. And thanks to the G-Code family of mounting options, reconfiguring or optimizing takes minutes, not hours.

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With unmatched durability, design, material selection and implementation, the G-Code Scorpion line is 100% made in the USA, to the strictest quality standards G-CODE SCORPION in the industry. All Scorpion products are covered by G-Code’s Lifetime Warranty

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