Introducing | The new Bang Box from G-Code. A small multipurpose transportable storage device.

Perfect for the range when hauling a full blown ammo box is beyond your need. Likewise, dealing with ammo packaging in the field and the layers of trash that it generates is a pain in the neck.

G-Code Bang Box

For most range sessions 2-300 rounds is just about right. Prior to going out strip the rounds from their cardboard and paper packaging and loose pack them in the Bang Box. This eliminates any trash out on the range. The wide mouth of the Bang Box makes it easy to get your big meat hooks in on your ammo supply for an easy day reloading your mags. To keep track of your lots there is a pocket sewn on the inside of the lid and the Velcro strip on the top outside of the lid is perfect for placement of one of our PVC caliber patches.

G-Code Bang Box 3

Additionally there are no sharp corners on the sturdy Kydex base, an adjustable shoulder strap is included and there are several color combinations to choose from. Keep in mind that the Bang Box can also be used for cleaning gear, spare parts or anything else that you can think of. Bang Box is solid, efficient and genuinely practical kit with an infinite number of uses. So handy no one can own just one!

G-Code Bang Box 2

Whats in your box? Approximate round count by caliber: 9mm x300 /.40 cal x200 / .45ACP x150 / 5.56 x200 / 5.45 x200

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