G-Code Releases the Contact Series Micro Chest Rig 3Zero.

A modular ammunition sourcing platform, the Contact Series 3Zero Chest Rig is uniquely suited for low visibility operations or situations requiring rapid force escalation. Highly portable and able to be quickly donned, the 3Zero Chest Rig can be configured for a wide variety of mission requirements and working environments.

An extreme low profile arrangement, the Contact Series 3Zero Chest Rig provides 3 Softshell Scorpion rifle magazine carriers. This array delivers ample storage while utilizing the smallest and flattest configuration available.

The superb Scorpion Softshell rifle pouches fit ALL AR series magazines, ANY AK magazine and ALL variations in 7.62×51 (.308) making the 3 Zero chest rig versatile across multiple weapon platforms. Maximize your essential loadout by adding the optional Suspension pouch.