What about a functional version of the FMA PVS-31?

What does functional actually means? Well no build in tubes if you thought about this, no it´s just like the limited edition GPNVG 18 with a build in green light to imitate the real tube of a Nod (Night Optical Device). The option to look through the PVS-31 dummy is guarantee like at the standard version. The vision you get if you haven´t looked through a dummy yet is not that much good but still possible and once you got used to it, I would say you can even play with it “a bit”.


For sure with better lens, a more realistic look of the “fake tubes” thanks to the build in green light, this dummy is a nice feature for taking pictures, videos etc. and MilSim players will enjoy it as well. It´s an affordable, good looking dummy of a PVS-31 night vision goggle with PIMPs your reenactment loadout.

More info soon at >> www.fma.hk