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Flagrant Beard releases the Flagrant Leather Ballistic Belt.

Flagrant Leather Ballistic Belt

Flagrant Beard was asked to make a belt that looked casual, but had the rigidity and stiffness needed for a special plain-clothes law-enforcement division. It had to be comfortable, and at the same time, hold up to the load of duty equipment, designed specifically for applications where the folding or rolling over of the belt is not desired. The Flagrant Leather Ballistic Belt was born.

Flagrant Leather Ballistic Belt2


  • Full grain leather
  • Articulated curve
  • 3/16” thick leather sewn to approximately 0.10″ (2.72mm) heavy nylon SCUBA webbing (made in the USA)
  • Black on black stitch
  • Finished edges
  • Threaded rivets allow for interchangeable buckles
  • Hand made by the Amish

Flagrant Leather Ballistic Belt3

About Flagrant Beard

Drawing on a lifetime of experiences in the industry, our approach to development is through an immersive discovery process. We’ll come to you and peel back the onion, often revealing opportunities for improvement that have been overlooked due to training scars, tradition, or institutional habits.

We support our veteran and first responder communities, and every style offered has come from their direct input and feedback. And then we do something novel – we pay them (or the charity of their choosing) a royalty on their designs. We put them in the spotlight and have them explain, “the why.” No ego. All functionality.

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