Introducing | The FirstSpear Vertical Envelopment Pack

FirstSpear is changing the game, again! 

The VEP (Vertical Envelopment Pack) is a top opening, rolled closure & Tubes secured Assault Pack that can be mounted to FS Modular Plate Carrier’s and flipped over the head for quick access to contents inside or left hanging on the front when traveling seated for long periods of time.

FirstSpear Vertical Envelopment Pack

Developed to “go forward from the Objective Rally Point (ORP)”, the VEP provides the Assaulter with a unique capability that augments the full spectrum of modern combat operations. The VEP can be carried with its own shoulder straps (included) for conventional use without a plate carrier.

FirstSpear Vertical Envelopment Pack

The size parameters of the first VEP make it an edge to edge fit on carriers cut for the Swimmer/Shooter M – XL, SPEAR/SAPI M to XL or the MBAV S/M, L/XL & XXL.

FirstSpear Vertical Envelopment Pack

The VEP provides the Shooter with a clean unencumbered shoulder pocket when shoulder firing a weapon, minimizing under arm “clutter”. The Pack & Carrier can be removed and reassembled as one making quick work for casualty inspection and treatment.


Check out this video presentation to learn how the VEP gets installed to the carrier with all it´s components. 


VEP includes: VEP Pack, backpack shoulder straps (for use without plate carrier), FS plate carrier shoulder straps X2, Cummerbund Tube Adpater X2, VEP Cummerbund Straps w/ Tubes™ X2, VEP Shoulder Straps with Tubes™ X2, Rat Strap (aids in lifting carrier overhead), shoulder strap pads X2, Mesh Beavertail.

VEP M4 Double Sold Separately! Height when top is rolled down is roughly 17”, with top open is 21” Depth-4” Width-12.5”

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