Introducing – The Velites Ferrum S-Series Metal Shotguns

The new Velites S (spring) line called FERRUM, that means “iron” in Latin, will be available very soon on the market. This name honours the construction in metal of the new Velites S family, offering to the users the realism of a metal shotgun and the reliability of the spring.


  • Available in 3 colours: OD, grey and TAN
  • External structure in metal
  • QD swivel adapter son both side of the body
  • Length: 83-91 cm
  • Weight: 2400 g
  • Number of inner barrels: 3
  • Inner barrel length: 300 mm
  • Hop Up: Yes (fixed)
  • Bbs per shot: 3
  • Shell capacity: 30bb
  • Velocity: 280 FPS
  • Optimum range: 30 meters
  • Maximum range: 40-45 meters
  • Includes 3 shells
  • Upper RIS
  • Includesa glass breaker metal flash hider
  • CTR-type stock
  • MOE style Grip

Velites honours those warriors who ventured in skirmishing and leading the way to their companions through enemy lines. Today, the new Velites by Secutor ‘clean’ the narrow corridors of CQB. ‘Secutor Dicit, Inimicus Silet.’

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