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Perfect for those that use the AR-15 rifle platform in a Law Enforcement or Military occupation, the KTS was designed to conform to the users body or the shape of your body armor.

KTS Kydex Triple Shingle

The laser cut Hypalon adds extra grip to the magazines which, when combined with the 0.080″ Kydex inserts, supports a positive retention to three AR-15 magazines.

KTS Kydex Triple Shingle

Inserts into the FCPC-FF-KANGAROO or other kangaroo pockets with a 9.75″ wide or larger opening on the inside (ie: 6094 and JPC.)
Magazines not included

KTS Kydex Triple Shingle

Grab yours here: www.ferroconcepts.com/products/fc-m4-kts-kydex-triple-shingle


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