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Are you an assaulter in a Law Enforcement or Military occupation? The FC-Assault Back Panel is the most versatile back panel on the market.

FC-Assault Back Panel


Designed to fit plate carriers with 4 columns of PALS at the top (like the FCPC and the JPC) or all other armor carriers with full PALS on the back.  The main feature is the three cell multipurpose munitions pouch along the top. This allows for the fitting of mini flashbangs, large flashbangs, smoke grenades, fragment grenades, and M4 magazines by using an adjustable/removable flap and a silent opening tab with field repairable shock-cord.

FC-Assault Back Panel


The large general purpose pouch can fit a wide variety of items including MRE’s and medical items, and has loop Velcro on the outside for call-sign patches etc. The FC-ABP utilizes our MOLLE compatible S3 System made from the strongest laser cut material on the market.

Available with their without a 50 Oz CamelBAK Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir.




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