Introducing the XAR Folding Automatic Rifle from F&D Defense.

Seminole, Okla. F&D Defense is dedicated to manufacturing high quality precision tactical rifles. We strive to push the capabilities of the AR platform through innovation, while still maintaining the fundamental elements that have made the platform great. Past innovations by F&D Defense include the 4-bolt lockup system (2009) and a patented fully adjustable gas valve.

F&D Defense is proud to announce the release of our brand new, patent-pending XAR folding rifle technology. The XAR is the next evolution of the AR rifle platform, and allows the rifle to fold in half on its axis, be stowed, and then quickly deployed again. XAR is a fully enclosed system and removes the possibility of losing or damaging crucial parts, while still providing a Mil-Spec configuration when deployed. This concept has been meticulously engineered to provide reliability and durability, and extensively tested to ensure accuracy after being stowed and redeployed.

F&D Defense’s previous innovation of the 4-bolt lock up system is the prime reason the XAR technology is even possible. By removing the limitations of a barrel nut and adding the XAR folding innovation, F&D Defense has created the most compact, fastest deployed AR rifle in the industry, without sacrificing the reliability, durability, and accuracy demanded and expected. Faster deployment, faster takedown, no loose parts.

“Innovation is what drives our industry,” F&D Defense CEO Brian Shirley remarked. “We are excited to offer the XAR as the beginning of a new era of innovation in the evolution of the AR platform.”

F&D Defense will release the XAR Invicta, the first AR15 platform rifle utilizing the new XAR technology, in the summer of 2017. Pricing and configurations will be released at that time as well. For more information on F&D Defense, the XAR technology, or the F&D Invicta, please visit