Falcon37 is set to release the HABU Mod 1 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle, a new charging handle that incorporates a cheek riser for the AR15/M4, the Habu Mod 1 will be released this month via Brownells and Bravo Company USA.

HabuThe AR platform is known as “America’s Rifle.” Since Eugene Stoner invented the AR-10 (7.62) and AR-15 (5.56) in 1957, the position and operation of the charging handle has been an ongoing complaint. It is awkward and prevents shooters from acquiring a solid cheek weld on the weapon which is essential for fast, accurate marksmanship.

Others have developed accessories to the M4/M 16/AR-15 platform that have attempted to address these issues, but no one has solved the problem until now. Falcon 37’s solution of combining the charging handle with a sleek, well-engineered cheek rest that looks like it belongs on the rifle has been described as “Brilliant in its simplicity”.

habu 4

The HABU MOD 1 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle allows for robust charging of the AR-15, while simultaneously integrating a cheek riser.  The HABU’s unique form factor is designed for the non-dominant hand to charge the rifle, much like a semi-automatic handgun, using your full grasp & hand.  This design is completely ambidextrous, with no small latches to worry about engaging.  Proper cheek weld can also be attained, without the use of stock mounted cheek risers, which often interfere with operating the charging handle.  The HABU works with any commercially available AR-15 buttstock, both collapsible & fixed.  The cheek riser’s placement can also be adjusted front to back to suite the shooter’s needs & comfort.  When shooting suppressed, gases exiting the rear almost entirely negated. The handle is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, with the cheek riser being molded from a matte black polymer.


The HABU™ was designed by veterans who saw a need for an integral M4/AR15 cheek riser. This was needed to better align the shooters eye with magnified optics with short eye reliefs. The Army and Marine Corps both issue magnified optics to their ground troops. For many years it has been impossible for most shooters to attain a proper sight picture without goose-necking, until now. The HABU™ solves this issue and will provide the solution that many asked for, yet only Falcon 37 delivered.


• Smoother to Operate
• Works on any Stock
• Requires only Major Motor Skills
• Built in, adjustable cheek riser for shooter stability
• Racks like a pistol slide
• Ambidextrous
• Patent Pending latch eliminates latch release
• Minimizes “back spray” into shooters eyes
• Made of 7075 T6 aluminum to Mil Spec standards

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