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EXOS Defense releases the Accuracy Stock Support for their SOPMOD-style TI-7 Buttstock.


The EXOS Defense Accuracy Stock Support provides a lightweight and snag-free enhancement to the TI-7 buttstock for the designated marksman, precision shooter, or anyone who wants to improve their ability to deliver accurate fire.


The aggressive surface texture and flat-bottom design of the Accuracy Stock Support interfaces with the shooter’s rear bag rest or “sand sock” for a consistent position, easy manipulation, and improved stability during recoil. Made of Milspec glass-reinforced nylon for lightweight and rugged durability.


Can be installed on any TI-7 buttstock with only an Allen wrench. You’ll deliver more accurate, faster, and consistent fire with the Accuracy Stock Support enhanced TI-7 Buttstock, from Exos Defense.

exos defense TI-7 BUTTSTOCK

The TI-7 is an enhanced SOPMOD-style carbine buttstock with innovative features that make it the most advanced buttstock on the market. The TI-7 is made of milspec glass-filled nylon with stainless steel hardware, ensuring all-weather reliability and corrosion resistance. The patented internal tensioning mechanism adjusts automatically to your receiver extension, eliminating rattle and making adjustments smooth and uniform. Quick-detach sling swivel sockets on each side allow rapid installation and removal of today’s popular QD-equipped slings. Webbing slots are also provided to accept traditional web slings. At only 11.8 ounces the TI-7 is a great lightweight upgrade for your rifle.

exos defense TI-7 BUTTSTOCK2

Store multiple CR123, AA, or similarly sized batteries in each of the two water-resistant battery compartments. Access to these compartments is accomplished quickly and easily without removing the stock from the rifle. Simply twist the caps and they open on specially designed cam surfaces. The overmolded buttpad has added height to allow shooters to maintain a “heads up” position for greater situational awareness. The protected release lever is wide and features a large checkered area for positive activation with gloved or wet hands. Heavily rounded corners and smooth lines ensure snag-free performance. The broad, sloping surfaces on each side of the TI-7 create a perfect cheek-rest to ensure proper head position for consistently quick engagements.

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