Presented as a concept at the IWA2019 the new GHOST is finally live and it is ready to change the rules of the game.

The new Evolution Ghost air soft guns quickly got the attention of the airsoft community due to the sophisticated design of body and handguard both designed from the ground in Italy by a well known real guns designer, but also for the high tech electronic board that comes standard with this new line of guns.

The body is made of Carbontech™ a strong and light weight space age engineering polymer and it is coupled to the EMR the M-Lok handguard cnc machined from billet aluminium.

The powerful ETU with Electromagnetic sensors, Active Brake, Full Cycle Mode, Electronic Trigger and Battery Protection is fully contained inside the gearbox with no external units, it works in conjunction with the Evolution F.A.S.T. Flat Trigger to delivery a super reactive trigger feeling and incredible performance out of the box. But these are a few of the amazing features of the GHOST!

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