This is a pre-order item with an ETA of March 2019

Statesite followers, the guys at Evike Performance Shop are working on this custom G&P MK46 for you and you can pre-order yours if you like already. Find out more below…

The G&P M249 and MK46 series now features a heavy duty steel receiver and reinforced metal gearbox for greatly improved durability and performance.

Evike Performance Shop Custom G&P MK46

With this in mind, this Evike Performance Shop build focuses on an internal build that matches the performance of the real-life counterpart. With our tuned gearbox featuring a Gate TITAN Mosfet unit, and Prometheus high speed gears; this Evike Performance Shop G&P MK46 pushes BBs out at a consistent 395-400 Feet Per Second with a blistering 29 Rounds Per Second.

Every Evike Performance Shop custom built Airsoft rifle will come with an extended 90-day warranty period featuring the same level of full support we provide with our regular standard 45-day warranty, with the exception of standard wear and tear.

Evike Performance Shop Custom G&P MK46


  • New G&P steel receiver with railed feed cover that accepts all standard 20mm optics
  • Gate TITAN MOSFET preinstalled, with medium precocking programmed into system
  • Fully rebuilt gearbox with Prometheus high speed gears, SHS short-stroked 14 tooth piston, and full volume cylinder
  • Heavy duty metal barrel assembly and carry handle with integrated steel bipod
  • Collapsible 4 position stock
  • 3000rd electric winding super high capacity box magazine (Included dummy bullets for added realism)
  • Functioning charging handle and adjustable front carry handle
  • Nylon fiber motor grip, and stock, with aluminum RIS-compatible handguard
  • and much more…!

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