Matt from Evike shows some of the products from Mayflower that Evike Airsoft is now carrying at the shop. Check out  the video below.

About Mayflower Research & Consulting

Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC specializes in building light weight, high performance tactical nylon for the military athlete. Our design philosophy is built upon 20 years of Infantry and Special Operations experience with six combat tours as a solid foundation. This philosophy centers on trimming unnecessary weight off of the warfighters load by analyzing each piece of load carriage equipment for lighter but yet durable alternatives. Sometimes this can be achieved by changing the base design and manufacturing technique to eliminate excess and unnecessary materials.

Another alternative we use is to incorporate hybrid designs. We analyze the type of usage the pouch or pocket is designed for and the expected life cycle of the pouch; if it is a low-friction or limited use pouch (signal kit, admin pouch etc) we choose a lighter denier to reduce weight. High friction or high usage pouches (magazine, grenade etc) are made with a mid-weight denier to balance out weight and durability.

Technology currently moves at the speed of need; new equipment fielding, rapidly changing TTPs and environmental factors often makes a nylon pouch or vest obsolete after one or two deployments. Mayflower’s goal is to maintain the necessary agility to continually evaluate the relevance of each of our items and update and/or replace them as needed.