Matt from Evike Airsoft checks out the upcoming Knight’s Armament Company fully licensed PDW Gas Blowback Rifle for you. Watch the product video below.

The 6x35mm PDW from Knight’s Armament Company was designed from the ground up as a Semi/Full Auto weapon, designed to replace the 9mm MP5 submachine gun and short-barrel 5.56mm carbines. Design objectives included increased lethality over a 9 mm round, improved controlability, reduction in size and weight, and a maximum effective range of 300 meters. The compact design of the weapon and new intermediate caliber 6x35mm TSWG ammunition was so successful that the effectiveness and lethality are comparable with the 5.56mm NATO round at up to 300 meters. The short barrel and folding buttstock facilitate the entrance and exit from vehicles as the overall length of the weapon does not protrude beyond the shoulders when worn across the body. With ambidextrous features and dual piston action to maximize reliability, the 6x35mm PDW is the modern ideal of a compact weapon for close quarters combat and for arming vehicle crews.