Matt from Evike Airsoft shows off the Echo1 Troy TRX AEG Series License by Troy Industries.

The Troy Industries riles by Echo1USA have been on the market for some time now but with the new 2016 line up the TRX series will be a welcomed update to the series.

The Troy TRX series is available in three lengths as shown with a shorter CQB version and a mid length and then a full size option for the various uses players might have. With the TRX tubular hand guard the option for aftermarket rail sections like the firearm counterpart will be available and even the unique Squid Grips that pop into the vented holes.

The flip up metal sights are constructed out of metal and have a release button the lock the posts up and to prevent any failure. Both the front and rear sights have the Troy Industries trade marks and the “Milsim Only” designation to signify these are only for airsoft rifles.

Pulling back on the charging handle will reveal the hop up unit with is a one piece polycarb unit with a MadBull bucking. Using the traditional style for great a great air seal and being compatible with aftermarket units is key for fully customizing the Troy TRX if needed.

On a closer look of the updated parts you will see the Troy Battle Axe pistol grip. This Battle Axe pistol grip is a longer version than the real option and this is so a long type motor can be used. The pistol grip will have a scale texture on the side panels and the smooth front and back without any finger ridges to cause fatigue. The bottom of the grip has a vented plate for the motor and cool down after extended use.

The trigger guard is not the traditional flat option but now has the subtle curve in the front section to allow for gloves to be worn by the user. The part can be removed if desired but a nice touch to have it included right out of the box.

The extended magazine release is a great upgrade part due in the fact it makes the magazine change easier and it comes standard on the rifle. You will see how the extended plate is just above the trigger making the distance shorter and faster and able to get a fresh magazine in the rifle.