Matt from Evike Airsoft shows off the A&K Airsoft line of products available from Evike.

A&K has long been a player in the Airsoft AEG market and now they are poised to tackle an even larger segment of the market. A&K takes their already popular line up and modifies them in the factory with some of the most popular upgrades around.

Internally the A&K gearboxes now feature a quick change spring system, which allows the user to modify the FPS of the gun easily and without having to disassemble the entirety of the gearbox.

A&K replaced the standard 6mm gearbox bearings used in their previous gearboxes with the larger, more durable and efficient 8mm bushings as well as reinforcing the gearbox shell itself. All of these upgrades, now made standard improve the durability and reliability of the A&K system and allow for the use of LiPo batteries up to 11.1V.