Everyday Tactical


Everyday Tactical is a shop which provides Tactical & Outdoor Gear for Gear Maniacs, Law Enforcement & Armed Forces.

Whether you are looking for quality combat clothing, reliable outdoor gear or professional tactical equipment, their Belgium based webshop and walk-in store will suit your needs perfectly!


everyday tactical shop

Aside from the major international brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Magpul, Gerber, Oakley, Mechanix Wear, Blackhawk, etc.,
they also offer some newer brands like UF PRO, Direct Action, Warrior Assault Systems, Claw Gear, Nite Ize, etc.

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Also, they will expand their range constantly in the near future and keep an eye out for new developments.
Ofcourse, they always ensures the highest level of customer service and the fastest delivery possible.

Check em out at: www.everydaytactical.eu or visit their facebook page Tactical Shop Europe to stay in touch.

Note: In the near future, we will post more about the shop here on our site as well so you don´t miss any important news about them! Cheers