They´re looking for new banner to send to their customers all around the world

Do you want to be apart of this unique opportunity? Do you want to have the bragging rights of being the face of Enola Gaye and have a huge banner for all to see at your local site? Then read below:


*To enter: post a photo using an EG product in the comments section at this picture on their facebook page HERE, it can be in game or studio and please tag the photographer if necessary. Please share this opportunity to your friends. If your posting on a photographers behalf then please get permission before you post. Full credit to a Player/Photographer will be also printed on the banner, and displayed across all our social media platforms. 

There is no deadline for this competition, we will see how many choices we get and decide which one we like the most. So be creative, be safe, have fun!

**Disclaimer: please be aware that at EG we follow the rules of #dontbeadick so please abide by all the safety rules when using all EG products**

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