Engineered Airsoft Solutions (EAS) is a new company based out of Portugal that specializes in Airsoft electronics and are currently working on mass production for their first products.

Engineered Airsoft Solutions (EAS) was born last February at a project development event organized by HackerSchool in Lisbon, Portugal called LX Reactor Winter Edition 2015. With the clear aim of solving issues we didn’t like in some airsoft products we had encounter, we decided to create this new venture.

Being airsoft players, some with several years of experience, and taking advantage of our background in electrical engineering, our main goal is to bring high quality electronic products to the airsoft market with a fair cost.


Currently we offer simple and active braking mosfets for AEGs and we are working on full electronics sets for Training Weapon platforms such as Systema PTW, Celcius CTW, G&D DTW,… We have already a functioning prototype of the TW mosfet that is being subjected to several stress tests.


We have a few more ideas coming up after the TW electronics so make sure to follow us!

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