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EMG is proud to announce their next collaboration project with STI and TTI to bring highly detailed, high quality training variants of their handguns to Airsoft. The EMG STI / TTI Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master.

Real Steel facts: Based on an STI 2011, the JW3 STI Combat Master is expertly crafted with slide lightening cuts to improve the cyclic speed and reduce perceived recoil. The forward swept front and rear slide serrations give a solid purchase for weapon manipulation. The extended magazine release helps with dropping the magazine without breaking your grip for faster reloads. The double undercut trigger guard lets you choke up higher on the gun for better recoil control.

2011 Combat Master

Airsoft Replica Features:

  • Pre-Order Incentive! Pre-order this item today to receive an extra green gas magazine and a holster with every pre-order purchase. This is the official licensed version authorized by TTI with full after-sales support. Every sale of this pistol benefits the original designer. Support licensed products and better products!
  • Highly detailed CNC machined aluminum slide w/ officially licensed STI rollmarks and TTI laser engraved markings. CNC machined aluminum frame w/ molded reinforced polymer grips. Used by none other than John Wick himself, aka Baba Yaga / The Boogeyman / The man you send to kill The Boogeyman
  • Molded DVC Stippling pattern provide a comfortable, slip-resistant grip
  • CNC precision barrel w/ rose gold (imitation Bronze BLC) coating
  • TTI professional slide lightening cuts help the slide cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip
  • Flared mag well aids in quick reloads; extended magazine included
  • Target style sights w/ fiber optic front
  • Extended magazine release

EMG has been worked very closely with both companies to ensure this is the most accurate to the real-life counterpart gun as possible.

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