The Product Catalog for 2016 from Elite Force is Now Available.

Elite Force Airsoft guns are manufactured with the highest quality standards to meet the needs of elite airsoft people.

Every Elite Force airsoft gun is designed for the serious airsoft player who engages in tactical milsim missions and demands top performance from their equipment. These extreme airsoft guns will let you engage your enemy on your terms and come out ahead in any skirmish you may find yourself in.

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Elite Force 2016 Catalog Cover
“Elite Force” is a division within Umarex USA that has a main focus on competitive airsoft products. Our division develops, designs, and markets products for North America. Serious airsoft players will never sacrifice quality and performance when it comes to their competitive sport and the Elite Force line of AEG powered rifles, Co2/Green Gas pistols, and BBs meet expectations with ease. High quality components coupled with the demand for high speed and tremendous accuracy create this Elite Force of high-end products from the leading manufacturers of modern airsoft equipment.

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