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E&L Airsoft to release a AKMSU (EL-A113-A) AEG to the market soon. the AKMSU is rare in the Airsoft market. Now you will be able to put this rare model in your Airsoft collection.

E&L Airsoft EL-A113-A is open for order now. This replica is designed base on the well know model AKMSU, or short barrel AKMS. It’s distinguish by the signature front handguard in the AK family, this front handguard is manufactured by a distinctly Russian process involving laminations of Russian birch plywood at perpendicular angles glued under extreme pressure and shaped to the finished product.


The AKMSU or AKSMU is a compact carbine version of the Soviet AKM assault rifle in 7.62 caliber. AKMSU stands for Assault rifle (‘Avtomat’ in Russian) by Kalashnikov, Modified, Skladivaushiisya (folding-stock), Ukorochenniy (Shortened).

As its limited production, AKMSU is rare in the market. Now, you could put this rare model in your collection, from E&L Airsoft, the most authentic AK replica airsoft manufacture.


Don’t hesitate, contact E&L distributor in your region for the ETA of EL-A113-A.

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