Welcome the latest AK to the Echo1 arsenal. The RedStar Operator Combat Weapon (OCW)


  • Highest Quality Gearbox with Steel Internals
  • The Operator Combat Weapon (OCW) is the latest AK74 platform to help any shooter fill the role as an operator; especially for the hardcore MilSim players. With the highest quality gearbox and internals, you can shoot continuously with ease and stay in the game.
  • Full Front RIS for your Favorite Attachments
  • Don’t worry about installing a RIS on our AK. The OCW already comes with a full front RIS, allowing you to easily attach your favorite optics, lights, grips and much more.
  • Need a Bigger Battery? No Problem!
  • The RedStar OCW rifle is wired to the rear allowing you to use a wide variety of crane batteries and lipos. Push the gearbox to it’s full potential and take control of the opposition.
  • Two High Capacity Magazines For Twice the Fun
  • With the OCW you get a rugged AK platform that means business. With every OCW you will receive two waffle type magazines, battery and charger; making your Airsoft gun battle-ready out of the box.
  • Front and Rear Adjustable Sight with Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Adjust your sights with superior precision as every OCW comes with a fine-tune front and rear adjustable sight. Whether your right handed or left handed, you can easily adjust your hop up unit with the OCW’s ambidextrous charging handle.

Order now at your favorite dealer, or directly with Echo1!