Upgrade your SOCOM RC1 or 2 with a Tracer Unit

That´s right, the DYTAC Tracerbox (made by Xcortech) that fits inside these type of silencers is now available and you can upgrade yours if you like.

DYTAC Tracerbox

Thanks to this small unit, it will keep your realistic reenactment/MilSim look of the rifle but adds the cool feature of shooting tracers at night with it.

As I mentioned above, the unit inside is made from Xcortech a company you know very well from their awesome chronos and of course their tracer units. The XT301 compact unit provides you up to 20.000 rounds operated by a singel battery. If you want to know more about it, please visit their website RIGHT HERE.

If you´re able to visit IWA next week, stop by their booth and see it first hand or check the web for more informations.

DYTAC Web >> www.dytac.hk