Dynamic Tactical aka DyTac has an exclusive licensing agreement with the real steel  company SLR Rifleworks, LLC, to manufacture licensed SLR Rifleworks airsoft products under the brand SLR AirsoftworksDynamic Tactical is proud to announce today new muzzle devices and T1 mount for the airsoft market.

SLR Rifleworks, LLC is a firearm parts manufacturing company specializing in innovative and new designs for the firearm industry. Hailing from Central Florida in the United States, SLR Rifleworks is famous for the unsurpassed quality of their adjustable gas blocks, charging handle, muzzle devices and handguard rails, among other innovative products in SLR Rifleworks’ line-up.

SLR Airsoftworks Synergy Comp

The Synergy Comp is the big brother to the Synergy Mini Comp. Besides being able to redirect gases to reduce flash and recoil on a firearm, the Synergy Comp has 4 prongs at the muzzle end to further mitigate flash on a firearm by redirecting excess gases through the space between the prongs. The Synergy Comp will also come in titanium and black colours, and in -14mm threading.


SLR Airsoftworks Synergy Mini Comp

The Synergy Mini Comp is a short muzzle device that allows propellant gases to be redirected upon a projectile leaving the barrel.  This allows recoil and flash reduction on a real firearm.  The SLR Airsoftworks Synergy Mini Comp will come in titanium and black colours, and in -14mm threading.


SLR Airsoftworks Linear Comp

The Linear Comp is a muzzle device that redirects all propellant gases forward of the muzzle device, in order to increase the force to cycle short barrelled rifles and to reduce the propellant gases from affecting the operator. The Linear Comp has offset vents around the muzzle entrance to regulate the velocity and volume of the gases expelled from the barrel for a more comfortable shooting experience. The SLR Airsoftworks Linear Comp will be made in -14mm threading.


SLR Airsoftworks Lower 1/3 Co-Witness T1 Mount

The SLR Airsoftworks Lower 1/3 Co-Witness T1 Mount is a T1/T2 mount utilising two screws to clamp down onto a firearm’s picatinny rail. The term “Lower 1/3 Co-Witness” mean that the iron sights will sit on the lower 1/3 of the optic. The mount is finished by CNC.


For product inquiries, please contact us at info@dytac.hk.  For orders, please contact sales@dytac.hk.  For orders to Europe, please contact our exclusive distributor, Evolution International S.r.l. at info@evolution-airsoft.com.