DyTac releases new SOCOM 2 Replica Suppressor.

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce the new SOCOM 2 series mock suppressors.

DyTac SOCOM 2 Replica SuppressorThe SOCOM 2 suppressor is derived from the most advanced 5.56 mm rifle suppressor ever made. The SOCOM 2 compliments perfectly USSOCOM rifle builds, such as, amongst others, the MK18 and M4 Block II rifles.

DyTac SOCOM 2 Replica Suppressor 3

The SOCOM 2 was designed with a special muzzle end-cap to assist with eliminating first-round muzzle flash on the real suppressor.

DyTac SOCOM 2 Replica Suppressor 2The locking mechanism features an indexing system that allows ease of mounting the suppressor even at night, and a simple, yet stable locking system that assures an extremely tight lock up with the accompanying SOCOM style muzzle devices.

The SOCOM 2 suppressors will be made in two different lengths (in 6.2” and 5”), and two different Cerakote finishes (H-265Q Flat Dark Earth and H-146Q Graphite Black). The SOCOM style muzzle devices will come in civilian 3 prong and military 4 prong styles.

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