DYTAC new products for September 2016.

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce the following products for September:

POM AEG Piston (Economic Version) (DY-AP10)
The gearbox piston is part of the drivetrain that allows for the electric airsoft gun to compress air and fire its projectile. It is a critical component of the gearbox.


The DYTAC POM AEG piston economic version is a standard, Japanese specification piston that is a good balance of lightweight and strength for non-strenuous setups.

Full Steel Teeth POM AEG Piston (DY-AP24)
The DYTAC POM full steel teeth AEG piston is a standard, Japanese specification piston with full steel teeth rack for high power gearbox setups that require a durable piston that will not break due to the higher stresses the drivetrain withstands with high powered springs, and/or low ratio gearsets.


Silicone Wiring (DY-AP22)
Wiring is a critical component of the gearbox of an electric airsoft gun, as it carries the electricity to power the system. The silicone wiring set comes with 2 wires (one red, one black) at 2 meters in length for both wires. These are great options for airsoft gunsmiths to change out any broken or inferior wiring on airsoft guns they are working on.


AEG Motor Connectors (DY-AP23)
These motor connectors come in 20 pieces a pack and are great for airsoft gunsmiths in fixing any broken connectors on wiring due to over-bending the OEM pieces, or using MOSFETs that come without motor connectors.


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