Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce the release of several new products for August 2016.

1. Economical URX3 AEG

The URX 3 Rail is a free floating, fully modular replacement forend for the AR-15 platform. Unlike traditional quad rail designs, the URX 3.1 incorporates short sections of M1913 Picatinny rail at its front and rear ends for mounting tactical accessories, eliminating the commonly unused sections of rail for reduced overall weight and a more comfortable grip. A total of 4 integral QD sling swivel sockets are provided for ambidextrous sling compatibility.

dytac URX3 AEG 2

The URX3 is a timeless design and instantly recognizable in the firearms industry. DYTAC is committed to refreshing the URX3.1 line with the new Economical URX3 AEG (AEG-51-BK) for our end-users.

dytac URX3 AEG

The URX3 will be a one piece design, foregoing the removability of the lower rail portion to further increase the strength of the rail and minimize costs. The AEG will include the accessories in the picture above, along with Cerakote coating and our quick spring change gearbox.

2. Muzzle Device Shim Package

Timing flash hiders have always been an issue in airsoft as most manufacturers use an o-ring’s tension and friction force to secure a muzzle device. However, that leaves a lot to be desired particularly for airsofters running suppressors as the muzzle device may be unable to be timed properly, or the suppressor sits angled to the firearm barrel.

dytac Muzzle Device Shim Package 3

The DYTAC muzzle device shim package come with two shim protectors, four 0.2mm and 0.3mm shims respectively, and two 0.5mm shims.

dytac Muzzle Device Shim Package 2

These will help airsofters time their muzzle device properly for realism and allows suppressors to be mounted in line with the barrel, as opposed to using o-rings.

dytac Muzzle Device Shim Package

For those with shim protector washers in their parts box, DYTAC also offers flash hider shims in the same variety, with 10 shims per thickness.

3. AEG Hop Up Rubber Bucking

The hop up rubber bucking is one of the most important parts of an airsoft gun, as it provides hop up spin for the bb to travel a far distance to reach your targets. The material properties of the hop up rubber bucking is very important as it determines the consistency of the hop up, whether in the amount of hop it can provide, temperature variation resistance, and whether it is susceptible to swelling from silicone oil (which leads to jams).

dytac AEG Hop Up Rubber Bucking

DYTAC has tested different types of materials and now offers the best hop up rubber bucking from its tests, able to withstand silicone oil deposits and offers the least performance deviations from temperature changes (particularly cold conditions). DYTAC has decided not to offer the hop up rubber bucking in anything other than black as different colour dyes will decrease the durability of the hop up rubber bucking.

dytac AEG Hop Up Rubber Bucking 2

Each bucking will come with an H-nub (which helps centering the bb onto the hop up rubber bucking patch that interfaces with the bb in the hop up chamber) and will come as individual packages or as a pack of three.

4. 140mm Suppressor for internally threaded pistol barrels

The suppressors are 140mm in length and are made of aluminium. The threading on the suppressor interfaces with the common WE gas pistol barrels and provides and cheap and easy option to have a suppressed pistol look.

dytac 140mm Suppressor

5. High flow floating valve for UMAREX/KWA/KSC gas guns

The floating valve controls the gas flow in the blowback unit of a gas gun. Whether it is in a rifle bolt, or at the back of a pistol slide, the floating valve is essential in the cycling operation of a gas gun.

dytac High flow floating valve

The high flow floating valve is made of stainless steel and fits the UMAREX/KWA/KSC gas guns, and allows for more gas volume to push the bb out of the barrel compared to the original part.

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