DYTAC AEGs with new improved OEM Hop Up Chambers for all M4/M16 AEGs.

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce all current and future AEG AR15 products will be using our new rotary drum style hop up chamber unit.

DyTac OEM Hop-Up Chamber

DYTAC having tested and evaluated various hop up chamber designs, have committed to adopting the rotary drum style hop up chamber for its ease and fine-tuning adjustment of the hop up system,

DyTac OEM Hop-Up Chamber2

along with the consistency that shines above the traditional design, whereby the rotary drum style hop up chamber is much harder to lose its settings as the adjustment wheel movement plane is perpendicular to the plane of which the hop up arm moves.

DyTac OEM Hop-Up Chamber3

DYTAC is committed to providing the best value AEG for the market and we believe this simple upgrade would offer the best value for new or veteran airsofters who inevitably seek to have a precision shooting AEG out of the box.

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